Mortgage Valuations

Do I need a mortgage valuation?

If you’re buying a property using Help to Buy, HomeBuy Direct, or a similar shared equity scheme, it is recommended to get a RICSmortgage valuation.

These surveys are also useful for those looking to purchase using a right to buy scheme. This can give you peace of mind that your landlord’s valuation is fair and you’re not paying over the odds for your property.

If you’re looking to sell or remortgage a shared ownership property, you need an RICS valuation so that everyone involved knows the value of the share of their property.

An RICS valuation is performed by an independent party who can assess exactly how much the property is worth. Unlike estate agents, surveyors don’t earn a commission so you can be assured that there is no conflict of interest in our valuation. Our technical training and over two decades in the industry give 3 Counties Surveying the ability to perform a thorough assessment to make an evidence-based valuation.

What’s Included in a Mortgage Valuation 
  • An inspection of the property by one of our local RICS-certified surveyor.
  • An overview of the property including the construction, the location, and accommodation
  • An overview of the property’s general condition with photographs
  • Details of three comparable properties nearby that have been sold recently
  • A valuation of the property, with a detailed description of the evidence and assumptions used

When performing valuations, we adhere to the RICS Valuation Standards (also known as the red book). This allows us to make our valuations based completely on the evidence we have, which includes the price of nearby properties that have been recently sold. We also perform a full conflict of interests check whenever we inspect to make sure that none exist. Our reports are on headed paper signed by an RICS member and we ensure the inspection date is clearly visible on the report.

If you want a truly independent valuation, ask 3 Counties Surveying how we can help you.


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